Welcome to Regency Affiliates

Regency Affiliates, Inc. invests in assets that generate attractive, predictable and sustainable returns on capital. Our objective is to generate long term value for our common stock holders. Our management team and board of directors have a strong vested interest in our long term success as they collectively own the majority of our common stock. We continue to seek sound investment opportunities that meet our business characteristics and valuation criteria.

We currently own three assets:

  1. An indirect 50% interest in the 717,000 square foot facility Security West complex located on 34.3 acres in Woodlawn, Maryland. The facility is occupied under a lease expiring in 2018 by the United States Social Security Administration; and  
  2. An indirect 50% interest in Mobile Energy which owns and operates an energy facility located on approximately 11 acres of land in Mobile, Alabama. The facility supplies up to 61 megawatts of co-generated steam and electricity for use in the Kimberly-Clark's mill's operations under a 15 year agreement signed in 2004.
  3. A majority joint-venture interest in a portfolio of five standalone self-storage facilities in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania vicinity comprising approximately 330,000 square feet of net rentable space consisting of in excess of 2,500 climate and non-climate controlled storage units.  

We appreciate your investment and support.

Laurence S. Levy